Beth Urban
Beth Urban

Beth Urban

Software engineer, Flatiron School graduate, former digital journalist


Full-stack web developer based in the New York City area with a passion for creating, building and learning.

Experienced in remote work and eager to learn on the job.

I have worked in Redux, React, JavaScript, JSON, WordPress, PHP, Rails, Ruby, SQL, Bootstrap, Sass, CSS and HTML.

In my current role, I'm building sites for a wide client base and tools for internal use. I discovered software engineering through nearly 10 years of experience in digital newsrooms.


UFCW Local 2013

One of the nearly 1,000 local unions in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico that make up the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.

Custom WordPress theme with additional customization to meet design and client needs via plugin. PHP and jQuery, styled with Sass.

Pushed to production on an accelerated schedule to get essential COVID-19 messaging out to union members.

Lead developer as part of the Mosaic Strategies Group team in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Live site
Prince Predicts the Weather

Prince Predicts the Weather

Let the Purple One deliver your five-day forecast.

React. Accesses the Weatherbit API to return forecast data based on searched zip code.

Live site    Code

My Comps

Users can search an address and see comparable properties with details such as last sold price, plus a map of all properties.

React/Redux with a RESTful Rails JSON API to store registered users and saved searches.

Accesses the Zillow and Google APIs to return property details, map properties and log users in.

Live site    Front-end code    Back-end code    Demo
My Comps
Flatiron Hotel

The Flatiron Hotel

Using this mock hotel app, guests can view and book available rooms, and admins can manage rooms and reservations.

Developed a Ruby on Rails API with endpoints for hotel guests, rooms and reservations.

Added dynamic search and display features using JavaScript and a JSON API.

Code    Demo

Travel Wishlist

Users can add destinations to their travel wishlists and track where they've been.

Built with Sinatra and a focus on the MVC pattern and CRUD actions to create a content management system.

Employed ActiveRecord to build and maintain the database.

Code    Demo
Travel Wishlist
Dog Breeds Gem

Dog Breeds Gem

A CLI app that lists American Kennel Club dog breeds and prints details about a chosen breed.

Used Object-Oriented Ruby and Nokogiri to scrape and parse data from the AKC's website.

RubyGems    Code    Demo

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