Beth Urban

Beth Urban


I’m a web developer who spent 10 years as a front page journalist before learning software engineering with the Flatiron School. In my current role at a digital marketing firm, I'm building sites for a wide base of clients. I'm customizing an in-house WordPress theme via plugins using PHP and jQuery, and I'm styling sites using Sass. I'm also using React, TypeScript, the WordPress API and the NationBuilder API to build internal reporting and metrics apps.

My previous career as a front page editor at the New York Times, Yahoo News, and NBC News showed me the power of digital tools, and I'm eager to grow as a developer and learn on the job. I'm excited by JavaScript and frameworks like React, Angular and Vue.js, and I appreciate the structure of Rails and syntax of Ruby. Developing with WordPress and PHP has shown me how to customize and add flexibility to structure with a focus on clients' ease of use. And freelance projects in Python and Django have expanded my tech stack.

I became very familiar with explaining technical concepts in real-world terms during my time as an online technical coach for Flatiron School students, most of whom come to software engineering from non-technical backgrounds.

I’ve worked in React, Redux, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Bootstrap, Sass, CSS and HTML, and I'm independently going deeper with PHP and React Hooks while learning TypeScript, Python and Django. I have extensive experience working remotely and in high-pressure, deadline-driven environments, and my enthusiasm for learning is matched by my desire to contribute to a supportive work culture.

Beth Urban
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